Our Team

Osayi Tres Omokaro

Osayi Tres Omokaro (Father of Edo Startups) as he is fondly called by admirers, is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management Systems (QMS) Auditor, Accessor, Consultant and Trainer.
He is a Certified Business Coach, Business Development Expert, Business Consulting Expert, Business Management Experts and a Certified Public Speaker, trained at the Business Training Institute of Florida (www.businesstraining.com) and Pan African University, EDC, Lagos Business School.
He has his academic background in Mass Communication, Banking and Finance and Management Sciences, he has Co-founded several businesses and currently seats on the board of many thriving Companies; he is a certified Member International Strategic Management Institute (ISMI) and a Fellow Institute of Chartered Economist of Nigeria (ICEN).
Osayi is the founder of
The Chapter Director: www.startupgrind.com/benin-city
Initiator/Founder: www.247channelsofhope.com
Manages: The South South Innovation Hub www.marydelhubs.com
Treskaro Systems and Solution is a Premium Enterprise & Leadership Education/Human Capacity Development Company. With a vision to Support the effective start-up, operation and management of 4,800 companies, create 48,000 jobs, and enhance the productivity level of 200,000 Nigerians in 20 years.
According to IMF “By 2035, Nigeria will have more working-age people than the rest of the world’s regions combined,” “This growing workforce will have to be met with jobs.” This has major implications for the country’s economy, its security and wider immigration patterns.
Treskaro Systems & Solution runs by the philosophy that Entrepreneurs creates business while businesses create wealth and jobs. However, knowledge is required to sustain the entrepreneur, the business, the wealth and ultimately the job that are created.
We empower Nigerians to Start, Nurture, Sustain and Grow their Companies, we also train company staff/personnel to become their best version and contribute to the advancement of the companies where they work.
We empower Startups, Business owners and personnel by domesticating Global Best Practices in Local Businesses, providing entrepreneurs with the knowledge, expertise, networks, and tools they need to make their ventures globally compliant and locally successful.