About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of Volunteers who have decided to spread hope, courage and confidence in this trying times, we do not deny the fact about COVID’19 but we understand that what’s happening within people is more powerful than the COVID’19 outside.

  • We will share with you tips to remain safe and healthy.

  • We will expose you to materials that will deepen your knowledge on what to do.

  • We will help you see the reality beyond the fact.

Above all, we will ensure that the fear does not get into you.

Boats soar over the sea, but when the water enter into the boat, sinking become eminent, there is fear everywhere, our goal is to help ensure that the fear outside does not get into you so you do not sink.
We will get emotional, spiritual and mental help to as many as will require it and reach us through the various platforms we will be making available.

We have over 30 phone lines of various volunteers who are available to listen to you and help you overcome that fear, they will share with you the truth about the pandemic, what you can and should do and how that many who had it are walking the streets healthy again.

They will stay with you over the phone to ensure that you win over that fear.
Feel free to call any of the numbers on the flier.

We hope to see all of us after the COVID’19

Channels of HOPE over COVID’19
“We care hence we give”

What We Are Doing

As a way of keeping us up to speed with the knowledge to help our callers we are all taking courses online on the COVID-19 from verifiable sources like the World Health Organization (WHO)


  • We create contents (Fliers, audios, videos) and spread them all round our organizational social media platforms and personal social media handles hence reaching as many persons as possible.

  • We are in a WhatsApp group, where we harmonize strategies, validate contents, and educate ourselves.

  • We open up our phone lines to the public to receive calls and chat to help people stay positive

  • We mobilize professionals to give specialized services to people as they call in and share their situations

  • We mobilize and attract funds to help those in financially dicey situations take care of the basic needs of food and medicines (We accept pledges from donors and get requests from the needy, validate them through a simple process, then connect the needy to those who pledge, hence facilitating the distribution of support in the most transparent manner )